Fragrant Sandalwood Pillar Candle Set of 3

  • $ 48.00

Rich, earthy and calming. By far the best smelling sandalwood candle you will ever buy! My sandalwood is soft, deep and irresistibly woodsy! Never perfumey or overpowering because I use real sandalwood essential oil as part of my one of a kind fragrance blend.

This set has 3 candle sizes: 3x3.5, 3x4.5, and 3x6.5
the small 3x3.5 inch pillar weighs 14oz and has a burn time of 70 hours, the medium 3x4.5 pillar weighs 17oz and has a burn time of 80 hours, and the 3x6.5 has a burn time of 110 hours!

Materials: Wax,Sandalwood Oil,Cotton Wick