Collection: Pure Perfume Oil

Pure oil is the most intense way to scent the skin. Made with pure essential oils in a base of pure Organic golden jojoba oil, my perfume oil is intensely concentrated and last all day and well into the night. Simply apply to your pulse points after moisturizing your skin.


• Made with pure essential oils.
• Highly concentrated and long lasting.
• Does not strip skin of vital oils.
• Leaves skin beautifully scented.

Badan Body Pure Perfume Oils are blended and allowed to age so that all of the scent components are allowed to properly "marry". What exactly does this mean? Well, you know how some scents smell one way in the bottle, one note may be more discernable ("This smells a lot like jasmine"), then after a couple of weeks or months maybe, you start to smell and recognize the other notes in the blend, well that means the fragrance had not yet married when you made your purchase, so maybe, you don't like it as much now. This is not the case with my blends.