Pure Lavender Scented Square Pillar Candle 3" x 4.5" Medium

Pure Lavender Scented Square Pillar Candle 3" x 4.5" Medium

  • $ 18.95

An incredible Pure LAVENDER candle that is soothing and comforting. How good does it smell? Just close your eyes, and remember the scent that is left on your hands when you rub a fresh stem of lavender still on the bush...slightly floral, slightly sweet, slightly herbal & totally unforgettable.

Loved by many lavender boasts a long list of healing properties. My lavender candles are make with pure LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL, to calm, soothe & relax, making it a perfect choice for a just before bed time scent.

The wax is a clean burning blend of natural BEESWAX (purchased from a local bee keeper) blend that is long burning & illuminates a space with a beautiful glow.

P.S. Just let me know if you would like your lavender pillar in a different color, I will gladly make a custom color for you.


My medium 3"x4.5 inch (3 inches across 4.5 inches tall) pillar weighs 16oz and has a burn time of 90 hours!

================== ABOUT MY CANDLES ===================
• Highly Fragrant! (Burns true & strong from beginning to end)
• Hand Poured
• Made with pure Beeswax
• High Quality Wax
• High Quality Essential Oil
• Clean Burn
• Long Burn Time
• Lead Free COTTON Wick

Badan Body candles are highly fragrant and when burned, the scent is strong and true. One candle will fragrance a 500s.f. area. I combine superb high quality waxes with superb high quality essential oils. I also use a specially designed 100% lead free wick created by us out of specially braided pure cotton, that allows for a clean (soot free) even burning candle. No lopsided burning candles here!

Materials: wax,lavender essential oil,beeswax