Badan No 8: Lavender Soy Apothecary Jar Candle

  • $ 19.95

Badan's Pure LAVENDER is an incredible lavender scented candle that is soothing and comforting. How good does it smell? Just close your eyes, and remember the scent that is left on your hands when you rub a fresh stem of lavender still on the bush...slightly floral, slightly sweet, slightly herbal & totally unforgettable.

Loved by many, lavender boasts a long list of healing properties. My lavender candles are make with pure LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL, to calm, soothe & relax, making it a perfect choice for a just before bed time scent for children as well as adults.

I use an incredible trio of waxes for this candle: natural soy wax, pure coconut wax and natural palm wax. The result is a candle that is extra long burning and irresistible.

Badan's LAVENDER Apothecary Jar Candles also make a wonderful gifts. Buy one for the host of your next dinner party, holiday dinner party, or any other occasion.

This listing is for ONE (1) candle:
BURN TIME..... 50 Hours

=====================ABOUT OUR CANDLES=====================
• Hand Poured
• Natural High Quality Wax Blend
• Pure Essential Oils
• Clean Burn
• Long Burn Time
• Lead Free COTTON Wick


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