FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH Scented Pillar Candle 3x6.5

  • $ 19.95

A heavenly combination of two of the holy incenses of the Bible, and an absolutely incredibly scented candle (and that's not just my opinion). I sell out of this one at every show I do. Frankincense and myrrh is a beautiful earthy yet woodsy combination. Because myrrh is very intense on its own, frankincense is added to mellow myrrhs intensity.

Made with not only real frankincense and myrrh essential oils, but I also soak actual franckincense and myrrh resin in the wax over low heat for hours. The result of the extra work and time is a really intense fragrance that lasts the entire life of the candle.

Materials: wax,frankincense resin,frankincense oil,myrrh resin,myrrh oil