100% Organic Olive Oil Castile Soap Unscented

  • $ 9.95

Scent Description

All natural and fragrance-free, Badan's Organic Pure Vegetable Castile Soap is a super gentle, clean, and unadulterated by fragrances or preservatives. My extra mild bar is made with organic Olive Oil, and enriched with 5% Shea Butter. This is Badan's most gentle soap and is not only natural, but also vegan with a luxurious, moisturizing lather gentle enough for babies. This formula has been in my family for decades. Because I only use pure olive oil to make this bar, it takes a whole year to cure!

Also, Badan's Pure Castile Soap is great as a doggie shampoo bar!

Great for ALL skin types, especially dry, sensitive skin.
Ingredients: Organic Saponified Olive Oil, Shea Butter.

Size & Listing 
• Each bar is approximately 5oz
• Gentle enough for babies
• Lightly moisturizes
• Does not strip skin of vital oils.

My cold process soaps are made using an old world family process handed down from my great great grandmother. Each batch starts as rich raw oils and butters that are melted at the lowest possible temperature to maintain their healing properties, and are then added to a sodium alkali which converts the oils to soap that is super moisturizing and gentle for dry skin types. I never use a pre-made melt and pour soap base.

Saponified Organic Olive Oil.